Koll & Cie. – competence in sawing!

KOLL & CIE. is a very powerful and well-established German tool manufacturer. We are an experienced partner for industry and trade.

Our main products are Carbide tipped circular saw blades:

NE-processing circular saw blades

Bench saw blades

Saw blades for cordless machines

Panel sizing saws

Dry Cutter

Saw blades for portable machines

Saw blades for food industry


Scoring saw blades

Rip saw blades with wiper slots

Saw blades for fire wood

Saw blades for building site


We also produce:

Solid steel-circular saw blades

Saber saw blades

Hedge trimmer blades

Band-saw blades

Gas concrete saw blades

Splitting wedges

Clamping systems

Frame-saw blades

Carbide reversible knives

Stem bodies for circular-/cutoff saw blades

Customized products

We are in a continuous exchange of experiences with our customers. If you need a specific application solution, we look forward to provide you a customized item!