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DryCutter metalworking

DryCutter metalworking

It is as simple as it is brilliantOur new introduction is the latest circular saw blade for dry cutting with significant improved tool life, clean raw edges and noise reduced knives.

The new DryCutter generation

The requirements in tools for mechanical engineering are subject to permanent advancements. 

We work hard and constantly to meet the requirements you have in our tools.

The decision pro for a high quality tool is indispensable to exist on the market.

  • low Vibration body
  • improved laser Technology
  • noise minimized
  • permanent corrosion protection
  • ideal heat abstraction
  • fast cut
  • ideal chip Formation
  • high wear resistance
  • optimized tooth geometry
  • improved tool life

For Dry Cutting in:

  • plastic
  • aluminum
  • sandwich panel
  • steel, including solid material
  • stainless steel